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June 10, 2008 by rabidrobot
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July 4, 2007 by rabidrobot
Have you ever bought prescription pills sold from obvious spam, poorly worded and spelled and clearly bogus? Me either. But someone does, that's why spammers continue to try and find new, ever more insidious ways to simply get their message viewed; that is the way spam works, you send out such a wide net that the odds are that you'll catch enough suckers to pay the bills plus some.

What about the Nigerian 419 scam? You ever think that by giving someone your bank account, that they will the...
October 13, 2006 by rabidrobot
Dr. Guy has a recent entry where he claims there is a debate, yes a debate, about global warming. You can deny global warming if you like, but denial does not make a debate. To debate you should do more than just point to extreme behavior from the opposing viewpoint--you should also provide some justification for your own. This is difficult to do, because climate change denial is at its heart nothing but a statement of opinion that there isn't enough proof. It is an argument of negatives.

October 10, 2006 by rabidrobot
The spam watchdog group spamhaus.org was recently sued by "Bulk Emailer" e360Insight in an Illinois court. Because spamhaus.org is based in the UK, spamhaus.org simply did not "accept U.S. jurisdiction." As a result summary judgment was issued, to the tune of $11.7 MILLION dollars, and there is a chance that the judge may further punish spamhaus.org by forcing (or attempting to force) the powers that be to delete spamhaus' domain name.

I'm not a lawyer, certainly not an international law law...
October 9, 2006 by rabidrobot
Another blogger here on JoeUser recently accused me of believing "the only good American is a dead American."

Why? Why would he say such a thing? Well, I'm not really clear on that.

I think he dislikes me so much that he has to reject out of hand anything I say.

Because what I said was: Nuclear weapons and their use is evil--more evil than the use of conventional weaponry.

Of course, it is absurd that I would have had to make that point in the first place. And it is even more ri...
October 7, 2006 by rabidrobot
I'm no conspiracy theorist, but one can't help but recognize patterns. It is after all, fairly natural to see order and reason in things, even when it is not there. But at times it seems that the ever dwindling Bush supporters are somehow all reading from the same page. I'm sure it is just a coincidence, for example, that on the same day a blogger on JoeUser.com asks, "Is Obsessively Hating Bush a Mental Disorder?" there is also a thread started on the deviantArt forums entitled "The Psychol...
August 21, 2005 by rabidrobot
Hi there,

I am trying to create a media player object which will show a
visualisation window whenever and only when music (or video) is playing.

It has been very frustrating, I'm hoping someone here can give me some

I tried to deconstruct Martin's object
but kept getting DesktopX crashing errors. And I looked at